Bob Books English Readers-Rhyming Words Digital Edition

Bob Books English Readers-Rhyming Words Digital Edition

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Bob Books is the nation's best reading and learning program. For children who have just started reading. The rhyming text is very readable and the pronunciation (deciphering) of the words is easy. The perfect product for the next step of Bob Books English Readers 2.

Take advantage of the free apps for smartphones and tablets and enjoy them on the go. Search for "Bob Books".


In this product

  • It mainly consists of 2-3 words "consonant + vowel + consonant (CVC)"
  • Can pronounce words on a phonics basis
  • Use only rhyming words that end with the same spelling
  • Rhymes are spread throughout the book, and the story is spoken
  • Each picture book focuses on one "short vowel"
  • We use simple illustrations so that children can imitate and draw

Country of publication: USA

ISBN: 9781941148358